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Our Staff

Keila Adams

Keila has been a force for excellence at Hidden Creek Horse Farm for years. Her diligent work ethic coupled with sincere compassion for the animals and the success of the farm are a huge asset. Keila's care for the animals is not limited to Hidden Creek. She has clients all over the area, and some of these homes have animals rescued and placed there by Keila's business Hooves and Paws of the Upstate. Keila's most recent rescue is big on personality while small on size. Her mini pony Zaccheus provides plenty of entertainment! Keila hopes to use him in therapy work in the days to come. Keila's daughter is in college and pursuing areas of study that also reflect a heart of compassion for land conservation and animal rescue. 

Anne Thompson

When Anne joined the team in 2017, she jumped in with both feet. She brings to the table a work ethic and maturity beyond her years (as well as a sense of humor!). She has always loved horses, and when she was 10, she attended her first horse camp at an area barn. After that week of camp, she volunteered there, working and riding for 5 years. After that, she moved and began taking English riding lessons on a horse named Beans, with whom she quickly fell in love. One awesome day, her parents bought Beans for her!  Anne worked at that barn for over a year to help pay for Beans' board. Unfortunately, Beans had some chronic health issues that prevented her from being able to do the eventing Anne was training toward; so although it broke her heart, Anne sold Beans to a kind family that would give her a peaceful life. Shortly after that, Anne joined the team at Hidden Creek, and she says she is so thrilled to be a part of Hidden Creek Horse Farm! 

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