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Our History

Hidden Creek Farm began twenty years ago under Kris White, who lived with her grandmother in the house on the property. She is credited with building and expanding the front barn and building the back barn and much of the fencing. Her farm included other animals besides horses, and her knowledge of the property continues to benefit the farm today.


When Kris was ready to sell in 2005, Sarah and John Younginer were already boarding horses at the farm; so in order to ensure continued excellent care for their own horses and the horses being boarded there, they became the new owners/managers. Over the next 10 years, they expanded the farm, reworked the fencing to increase efficiency, rebuilt the sand arena, added LED lights, and countless other updates and improvements. Their commitment to excellence and integrity has become the standard at Hidden Creek, and horses in their care thrive and flourish. Their daughter Cassie obtained her degree in Equine Business from Clemson U, and she continues to be available to teach lessons and train horses at Hidden Creek Horse Farm and other nearby facilities. Their son Madison is a professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants. 


When Kerry and Anna Grace began looking for a place of their own, they never dreamed they would be able to have part in a farm like Hidden Creek. But in January, 2017, they took the reins of this beautiful place.  They are grateful for the ongoing collaboration and input from the former owners, which has allowed continuity in management and care that spans decades. 


The McGonigal’s desire is to continue the tradition of excellence set by Kris White and the Younginers and to ever be seeking ways to help Hidden Creek Horse Farm be all it can be for the benefit of its horses, boarders, and community.

Circa 1998...

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