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Our Purpose

Hidden Creek Horse Farm has long been known as a warm and inviting facility committed to the excellent care of horses and their people.


Our goal is the happiness and health of the horses and their owners, and we aren’t content until they are!


Our purpose here at Hidden Creek Horse Farm is simply a corollary to what we believe is the ultimate purpose of each person. We exist to provide a venue in which you can enjoy your horse in a wholesome, healthy and peaceful environment, regardless of your choice of riding discipline, level of training, or financial status.


We take care of each horse “in loco parentis” – giving the same attentive care as we would our own horses so they are ready to ride when you are. Although we prioritize education and professionalism, this isn’t simply a business for us: it is a service we provide out of the love of people and of these special animals.


Come see why so many come, and why they stay so long.

in a little town...

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