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Our Facilities

Hidden Creek Horse Farm, LLC, is a boarding and riding facility located just south of Greenville, SC, in charming and historic Fountain Inn, and conveniently located just one mile off I-385, and only 40 minutes from Tryon International Equestrian Center.


The comments we hear the most from people who visit the farm is what a peaceful place it is. We are grateful for the facilities to make each horse as comfortable as possible and each person’s visit rewarding and satisfying. 

  • Nearly 30 acres, ideally situated for pleasant breezes and gorgeous sunsets, divided into pastures and paddocks by equine-safe electric tape and braided rope.

  • Two barns with 17 total stalls, a tack room with refrigerator, and a feed room. Barns are equipped with solar panels that provide the barns with electricity.

  • A large sand arena has LED lights for the dark months and has enough jumps, barrels, and poles to set up any combination or pattern for any discipline. It is routinely dragged with an ABI Arena Rascal Pro to maintain great footing.

  • The grass arena allows for riding when the sand arena might be wet, and dressage letters can be easily set up for schooling.

  • The round pen allows for contained riding, longeing, or round pen training.

  • A cleared path around the property leads down to the creek for hacking out and enjoying nature.

  • Pastures are high priority and are regularly mowed and maintained with lime, fertilizing, and seeding with an eye toward rotational grazing.

  • In order to better steward our land, the deworming program involves fecal egg count and vet-recommended deworming rather than the traditional method of rotational deworming.

  • Troughs are clean, salt blocks are free, and high quality round bales are in each pasture to give forage variety.

  • Pasture horses are separated for feeding to ensure each horse gets its full portion of feed and its own unique supplements.

  • To maintain uniform feeding schedules, horses are fed twice a day: around 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Stalls are cleaned, buckets and troughs are cleaned and filled, and new shavings added daily.

  • In the summer months, stall horses are brought in during the day and have individual fans on them and turned out in the cool of night. In the winter, horses are out during the day and in during the night. Stalls are equipped with blanket racks and horses are blanketed according to the unique needs of the horse. 

  • An outdoor wash rack with hot and cold water allows for cleaning and therapy.

  • Cross ties and mats in the barns, and places to tie up outside the barns give safety and variety in tacking and tying. 

  • A clean public bathroom with heat and AC is attached to the garage apartment for the human’s convenience and comfort.

  • A parking lot on gravel helps keep the mud on the farm and not in your car.

  • Space is offered for free trailer parking. 

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