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We are sorry to say that, currently, we have no vacancies for stall or pasture board.

Please watch our Facebook page for announcements of availability.


To find out more about what our stall board and pasture board includes, click here!

Want to inquire about possible board and vacancies? 

Simply fill out this no-obligation questionnaire, and a HCHF representative

will connect with you within minutes about how Hidden Creek can meet your needs.

Come do life with us!

Boarding Community

Although Hidden Creek Horse Farm prides itself on excellent care, we don’t want to be just an excellent place for you to park your horse. We strive to develop a sense of community so all who come find friendship and encouragement, someone to talk to or ride with if desired.

  • On-site clinics provide continuing education and camaraderie.

  • Special "barn family" events (such as enjoying a horse movie projected on the side of the barn in the summer, or a harvest bonfire in the fall) give an opportunities to connect and hang out.

  • A private Facebook group allows us to communicate with each other about anything and everything – from how the weather affects the weekend riding, to what projects are going on at the farm, to items for sale, to funny stories and photos of your horses.

We are a family and want this farm to be a place where both horses and humans feel at home.


We make it simple for you! Horses can be automatically scheduled with barn farriers Thomas Mills and Ricky Baumgarner  every 6-8 weeks. Hidden Creek staff catch and hold at no extra charge, and careful records are kept of the rotations. We can then send an invoice to your inbox and reschedule for the next time. Clients using their own farrier will be responsible for scheduling and holding. Other farriers that also service our facility are Anthony Cone, Andy Painter, and Jack Caleca.


Dr. Keith Stafford of Stafford Equine Veterinary Services has been the primary care vet for Hidden Creek Horses for years, resulting in long-standing relationships with our boarders and their horses. Hidden Creek schedules routine biannual vaccinations and maintains records of each horse's vaccinations and vet visits.

Hidden Creek also benefits from the services of Dr. Morgan Krause, Tryon Equestrian Hospital, and Cleveland Park Animal Hospital.


Hidden Creek is pleased provide a fecal egg count test-based deworming regimen. Fecal egg counts slow the trend of parasite resistance to deworming and targets horses according to their specific deworming needs. Each horse is tested and then put on a customized deworming schedule.

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